Dubrovnik Boat Tours

Dubrovnik Boat Tours

Sailing around the neighboring islands of Dubrovnik is one of the best experiences that one can have while on vacation in Croatia. Dubrovnik is highly recognised for its Game of Thrones locales and Dubrovnik Boat tours thanks to its spectacular medieval heritage and location in the Adriatic Balkans. The primary focus of an Adriatic vacation is total relaxation, which includes lazing on the beach, taking baths in the sea's alluringly clear blue and turquoise waters, and adventurous boat rides.

Dubrovnik features a group of islands called the Elaphiti islands. Some of these have small bays with beautiful secluded sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and lush forests. There are many activities you can do on the islands around Dubrovnik, such as kayaking, boat rentals and medieval ruins. Visitors may get a different perspective on this Croatian paradise by taking a private boat tour to the Elafiti Islands Dubrovnik Boat tours has diverse options featuring a fleet of sailboats, catamarans, yacht charter boats, and sailing boats. You will get a guide who will tell you the tales and stories of the island which will not only increase your knowledge but also add up to the experience.

Book Dubrovnik Boat Tours Online

You will have a hospitable experience with trips to islands, caverns, and hidden bays accompanied by skilled skippers who know every aspect of this region of the Adriatic. When you book your trip online, you may tailor your itinerary with options such as extended swimming sessions, snorkeling, or sunbathing at a specific location, and private boat cruises.

You are ferried by a courteous captain and crew to the islands of Kolocep, Lopud, and Ipan, halting at each port to bathe, relax on the beach, or take a walk through quaint Croatian towns in that region. Guests experience a hassle-free travel experience with sumptuous lunch served on board and pickup from hotels in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Boat Tours Packages

Half-Day Private Elafiti Island Boat Tour

The Half-day Dubrovnik Boat Tours package is the ideal option for you if you don’t have much time to spend. Discover a medieval fishing port on Kolocep Island before departing to swim and dive in various sea caves. Sunj Beach on Lopud Island will be your final stop, where you will have free time to tan and relax. This 4 hours exciting ride will also include snorkeling tools, beverages and transportation options.

Private Boat Tour to Elafiti Islands

Explore the exotic islands of Elaphiti on a luxurious private boat with this holistic tour package. Create your own itinerary based on your personal interests, and let your skipper guide you as you relax and enjoy unlimited beverages and underwater activities. Flexible departure times allow you to explore remote coves, beaches, and caverns at your own leisure. Round-trip transfers are provided from local hotels to the departure point.

Three islands boat tour with lunch from Dubrovnik

The Elaphiti Islands are a group of islands near Dubrovnik, three of which are inhabited, namely Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan. Set sail for 4 hours from the Old City of Dubrovnik on this full-day sailing adventure to three islands in the Elaphite Archipelago. Along the route, you may relax on pristine beaches, visit Mediterranean communities, and have a multi-course lunch that is included in the package.

Elafiti Islands Private Tour with Fisher 20 Speedboat

This full day Dubrovnik Boat Tours package is especially tailored for adrenaline junkies. You will get a pickup and drop from your nearest location and relish the speedboat ride, exploring the beautiful archipelago of 3 islands. The tour will allow you to choose your own activities like cliff, sunbathing or swimming. Your tour also includes welcome drink, WiFi, and also explore the historic places.

Dubrovnik & Blue Cave Catamaran Cruise with Swim Stops

The 3 hour Dubrovnik Boat Tours to the different small caves and caverns that the Elaphiti Islands are known for were one of the highlights of the entire package. The mystical Blue caves in particular experience a major tourist influx. The tour will offer you a welcoming drink, beverages, snacks as well as an English speaking guide accompanied during the tour. The cruise will also stop at different locations where you can enjoy various water activities, especially swimming.

From Dubrovnik: 4-hour Elafiti Islands Private Boat Tour

You may sail to the Kolocep and Lopud Islands, dive or swim in the pristine seas, or visit the Blue Cave to view the dazzling blue light with a tailored tour. In order to give you the freedom to spend your time any way you like, your captain will sail you around four Balkan islands and along the coastline. You can customize your own Dubrovnik Boat Tours by selecting the places and activities which you want to enjoy in these 4 hours of exciting journey.

Places to visit through Boat Cruise

Elafiti Island

In the Adriatic Sea, to the northwest of Dubrovnik, there is a small archipelago known as the Elaphiti Islands or the Elaphites. A day excursion to one of these archipelago's islands is the ideal way to soak in the Croatian summertime bliss. There are just three permanently inhabited islands among the 14 that make up Elaphiti.


Koločep is the smallest of three inhabited Elaphiti Islands located near the city of Dubrovnik. On the north and south sides of the island, respectively, Gornje and Donje, two tiny villages, are the only settlements native to Koločep. The island is roughly a 30-minute boat ride from Dubrovnik and offers opportunities to sunbathe, snorkel, and taste local food and wines from the villages.


Lopud is the most commercially established of the Elaphiti Islands and can be accessed by ferry from Dubrovnik. It is only a one-hour leisurely sail from town by regular ferry boat. Visitors may swim at the beautiful Sunj beach before hiking up the hill. This charming island is great for those looking for leisurely and extended beach days.


The largest of the Elaphiti Islands, Sipan, commonly known as Sipano, plays an essential role in maritime routes. This island is famous for its medieval roots, dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries when several aristocratic families from Dubrovnik constructed summer houses on Sipan. You can admire the Renaissance castle of the Stjepovi family and the spectacular Paklena tower, which dates back to 1563.


Dubrovnik is an excellent starting point for exploring Montenegro as it is about an hour from the Croatian border. The UNESCO-listed Tara River Gorge and the twisting Adriatic Coast are just two examples of the small nation's outstanding natural splendor. Your guide will show you all about Montenegro's greatest cultural monuments, as well as the country's history and mythology, during the trip.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto, also known as the Blue Cave, is a subterranean sea cave nestled in the Elaphite archipelago's small bay of Balun. When sunlight reaches the surface of the water via a gap in the cave, it emits a hypnotic silver-blue light that brightens the area within.

Highlights for Dubrovnik Boat Tours

  • Spend the day unwinding by the water in Dubrovnik to avoid the hordes of the city's crowded streets.
  • In this Dubrovnik Boat Tours not only explores Croatia's stunning landscape, but also digs into the historical origins of the tiny islands.
  • The private speedboat tour will take you to the lovely Elaphiti islands while also satisfying your daring side.
  • You can also enjoy many water activities such as snorkeling and kayaking to have the experience of your life in Dubrovnik Boat Tours.
  • Marvel at the mystical aura of blue caves by taking a small group guided tour, navigating through the meandering caverns of the Elaphite islands.

FAQs For Dubrovnik Boat Tours

Why is Dubrovnik so famous?

Dubrovnik is well-known for its captivating ancient architecture, quaint limestone alleyways, and characteristic terracotta roofs set against a blue sea. It provides easy access to Croatian islands and beaches via a variety of watercraft and cruise services.

What is the best time to visit Dubrovnik?

In July and August, there are a slew of events centered on classical music, theater, folk, and opera, as well as lovely summer weather. However, this attracts a lot of tourists and you may be stuck in overcrowded docks waiting for your turn to enjoy the sparkling blue waters. So, try visiting Dubrovnik in May, September and October to enjoy the pleasant warm weather and Croatian landscapes.

Can we book Dubrovnik Boat tours online?

There are multiple local Dubrovnik Boat tours offered by local tourist agents. But, it would be hard to spot-book one of them in the peak season. You may book your tour online and personalize it according to your taste and preferences, from the comfort of your home.

Is the Dubrovnik Boat tour price the same for everyone?

There are many types of Dubrovnik Boat tours available, catering to different kinds of travelers. For instance, a half-day boat tour, Sunset tour, Elaphiti islands tour, etc. All of these are priced as per the amenities and benefits provided in the respective packages.

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